The Currency of Reputation

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2 min readMar 28, 2021

Question: “Is reputation a form of currency?”

If it is of sufficient or excellent quality, reputation is absolutely a form of currency in definition and on some level.

When you are credible, trustworthy, respected and maybe admired, you are going to gain 1) benefit of the doubt 2) cooperation and 3) opportunity.

When your reputation is less than quality, you will struggle, often terribly and unsuccessfully to gain what you want, think you need or “deserve” or really do need.

Yet some people and organizations don’t seem to care how their thinking, judgment, beliefs, attitudes and behavior lead to reputation harm, decay or destruction. In turn, they may suffer from discouragement, frustration, anger, anxiety, rage and-or depression. In worst cases, the probability rises of dysfunctional behavior, from mild to extreme, that plays way outside the boundaries of acceptable cultural expectations and demands.

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course.

Learning that personal development and character development are vehicles for getting more of our needs and wants met is deep wisdom.

It should intrinsically inspire and motivate us down the road of thinking, investing in and working on mental software (belief system) and moral actions that can help build our reputation quality.

Doing this will help us turn it into “capital” in our professional and personal relationships. It will make that capital, in the vast majority of circumstances, an honest, reliable asset.

Michael Toebe is a founder and specialist who helps individuals and organizations with further building, protecting, restoring or reconstructing reputation quality. He helps at, and He is also the author of “Your Reputation Signature: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Protect, Restore and Reconstruct It,” available on Amazon.

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Reputation Specialist Essays

Michael Toebe is the founder and specialist at Reputation Quality, a consultancy, advisory, coaching and communications services practice.